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Storages and baskets could be made from variety of materials such as rattan, canvas, wooden, and even paper. Choosing the right storages and baskets that fit your decoration theme will not only helps you to keep your living room, bathroom, and bedroom more organized and clean; in the same time you can also enhace the overall look of your home. A versatile basket can also functioned as container that can bring greeneries in your space with style.

Glass Bottle - Long Round
Glass Bottle - Long Round by ONNI
IDR 35.000
Glass Bottle - Square
Glass Bottle - Square by ONNI
IDR 37.500
Admi Paper Pocket
Admi Paper Pocket by ADMI
IDR 80.000
Le Petit Sac En Papier
Le Petit Sac En Papier by MITAN
IDR 200.000
Jewellery Terrarium #02 - Gold
Jewellery Terrarium #02 - Gold by ONNI
IDR 300.000
Mika Black & White - Medium
Mika Black & White - Medium by ONNI
IDR 315.000