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About Antiques

Have you ever wondering why visiting your grandparents’s house or comeback to parent’s home somehow make us feeling homey? Because every elements inside could preserve their unforgetful history and bring us travel back to a lovable childhood memories. Just like remembering how your first exploration as a child started from the vintage bed when you were a toddler, a stool where mother taught you how to eat, a house corridor that you used to playing at, and an antique wall art that father bought from flea market. The beautiful home is not simply determined by luxurious decorations. To add the meaning, they must be complemented with the furniture and homeware that hold valuable stories. While at this case, we often find it through antiques. Although, antiques often come scratched, bruished, and blemished, we can do upcycle method to maintain their function while at the same time they are still look attractive. The fun part of being an antique curator begins when you hunt from the piles of historical treasures, then you start to mix and match the vintage or secondhand findings until they fit into your contemporary home. At the end, antiques always can deliver our warm message to all friends and family who come over to our nest.