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Home Living

About Home Living

A home is not just a physical structure, but also a structure of lifestyle. Generally, a home consist of the combination of furniture, decoration, home-ware, and some interior elements that fill every corner of our spaces. However, these choices of aesthetic reflect our way to express ourselves and how we build a comfortable atmosphere and delightful environment around us. Apparently, the way we design and style our home affects everybody who dwell inside, such as their daily mood, habit and behavior that will transform into a culture. If we take a look closer on pieces that adorn every corner of our home, like a doormat that welcome our friends from the front door, the colorful cushions on living room’s couch, the dining ware when we have a morning breakfast with family, the comfy material for bedding set, and another touch of rooms where you enjoy your quality time together or simply having a me-time, and you’ll see how much they compel yourself through aesthetics. Actually, there’s a lot of artists and designers, both local and international who are fully aware of the true essence of a home. They pour their talents on creating home living products, and got the hands to create things with stories. Shared passion and feelings through their pieces so that it could bring joy and meaning to our home.

Hexagonal Hanging Glass
Hexagonal Hanging Glass by ONNI
IDR 375.000
Jewellery Terrarium #02 - Gold
Jewellery Terrarium #02 - Gold by ONNI
IDR 300.000
Mika Black & White - Medium
Mika Black & White - Medium by ONNI
IDR 315.000