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About Plants

Plants can be an essential item for home and office elements. They are able to add a natural touch, fresh fragrance, and color scheme to the interior. They are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but also give relaxed feeling and connection between the people and the places they inhabit. Having plants in your room or working space could maintain the air quality, therefore improve our mental health and wellbeing. By placing plants at indoor or outdoor spaces where we usually spends the time, it can train us to get used with a greener lifestyle. There’s always a reason to grow some plants, because gardening nowadays is easy and can be applied by everyone. For those who live in a big city where green spaces are limited, as a solution we may use fresh pot plants or practical terrarium for our indoor choices. Well, for beginner green-fingers, you can start with cactus and succulent beside of the other range of plants for your greenery needs. Growing some plants teach us about loving and caring. It’s a priceless moment when you watch your baby plant with a few of leaves growing into bigger and greener one. Planting is about living process, and the process itself is such a valuable lesson for us.

Miniature - Totoro #4
Miniature - Totoro #4 by ONNI
IDR 20.000
Miniature - Totoro #7
Miniature - Totoro #7 by ONNI
IDR 20.000
Miniature - Wink Cactus
Miniature - Wink Cactus by ONNI
IDR 20.000
Terrarium Glass #04 - Brown
Terrarium Glass #04 - Brown by ONNI
IDR 540.000
Miniature - Cactus Flower
Miniature - Cactus Flower by ONNI
IDR 15.000
Miniature - Happy Cactus
Miniature - Happy Cactus by ONNI
IDR 15.000
Miniature - Froggy
Miniature - Froggy by ONNI
IDR 20.000
Miniature - Little Bear
Miniature - Little Bear by ONNI
IDR 20.000
Miniature - Totoro #3
Miniature - Totoro #3 by ONNI
IDR 20.000
Miniature - Piggy
Miniature - Piggy by ONNI
IDR 20.000
Hexagonal Hanging Glass
Hexagonal Hanging Glass by ONNI
IDR 375.000